Audit & Assurance


An audit is an independent opinion on a company’s financial statements, and forms the foundation for decision making in the capital markets.
Stakeholders require a responsible assessment of a company’s financial position and performance.
Our firm is committed to conducting a thorough and constructive audit employing a carefully designed and robust methodology based on International Standards of Auditing (ISAs)
Our service covers the Statutory Audit of Cyprus resident companies, in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards(IFRSs) and the requirements of the Cyprus Companies Law.


As auditors we employ our analytical skills in rigor, to provide assurance and valuable business insights that extend beyond the traditional external audit. The spectrum of our assurance projects extends to:

  • evaluation of internal controls and management reporting processes
  • IFRS reporting
  • independent business reviews required by banking institutions
  • fraud investigations
  • audits required by local regulators and other monitoring authorities
  • sustainability reporting